2017 Season Info

The first day of practice/meeting is May 21st at noon at Arbutus Middle School, 5525 Shelbourne Road, Arbutus, MD, 21227. Bring cleats, helmet, and $25.00. The team dues is $150.00 per player, and is due in full by June 30th.

Gents, we have some opportunities that I would like to take advantage of, we have an opportunity to play in Cowboys Stadium in November, but that will depend on your commitment. We have an opportunity to be on television, but that will depend on your commitment.

I would like to see all the vets return for this championship run but please understand I am actively recruiting new players. I’m not holding numbers, you pay $25.00 on your dues and you pick your number, period. If your not serious or you don’t want to practice then the Big Red isn’t for you. You can call me anytime to pay your $25.00, or with questions, at 240.988.7542.