Team Dues

Golf Fees
The team dues for the 2017 season are $150.00 per player. All dues MUST be paid by June 30, 2017, no excuses folks. Please understand, any football team of our size will, of course, have bills to pay and expenses to satisfy.

Our team dues allow you an opportunity to play high level football from July through October/November, and we are always looking for football opportunities, during and after the season, to help you continue to grow as a football player, and (much more importantly), as a man.

Some of the expenses all teams incur are:

Referee Fees – $3500 for five home games
($700 for each home play-off game)
Transportation – Five trips at a cost of $6100
Athletic Trainer- For the season is $1500
League Dues – $1000
Game Balls – $600
Team Insurance – $300
Tape and other miscellaneous expenses – $500
Meal expenses when traveling – $1000

That’s a total of about $14,500 to successfully run the team for one season. We do this because we care about Arbutus Big Red, Arbutus, Maryland, and anyone we have given a jersey to. Please help us continue the tradition of Arbutus Big Red by paying your dues.